11.14.2010: Blog Day 1

Since discovering Google's genius blog organizer the Google Reader, I have added countless blogs to my Reader and have become what some may refer to as OBSESSED. I check my Google Reader as soon as I wake up in the morning, again before leaving the house, when I get to work or other destination, sporadically throughout the day, when I get in my car to head home from work, when I get home from work or other destination, before, during and after cooking dinner, while watching evening television, before bed and then I dream about checking my Google Reader in my sleep. So after obsessing and stalking all of you, I decided to start my own blog...and of course it made me smile to know that I would be adding yet another blog to my Reader!

My hope for this blog is for you to enjoy reading my running adventures, cooking successes--and disasters, and seeing glimpses into what I believe is one lovely life.


  1. Let me just start off by saying... IT's ABOUT TIME! :) I am so so so excited to follow your blog and read about all of your adventures, especially since we do not get to see each other enough :) You are amazing and your blog will be also! xoxo

  2. Good for you Lauren. You are a huge inspiration to me I can't wait to read this every day :) You never know... maybe it will inspire me to start a blog! Love ya!

  3. Mom forwarded me the link to your blog and I'm proud to say I've already added it to my Google Reader, he he...Much love to you!